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One-on-One Tutoring

Spanish School in Granada, Nicaragua, welcomes you!

If you really want to learn Spanish fast, and if you really want to communicate with the Hispanic community throughout Latin America and the world without having to worry about what the local Spanish dialect might be, One-on-One Tutoring Spanish language school in Granada Nicaragua offers you its intensive easy to grab "De Golpe y A Toda Maquina" Spanish language course.

A Spanish language course aimed to develop as quickly as possible our students' conversational skills, the material and teaching technique have been carefully adapted to excel our students' speaking, listening and understanding abilities, making it possible to communicate with Hispanic people all over Latin America.

Our teaching methodology combines Spanish education and linguistics with personal interaction to enable you to learn Spanish FASTER than ever before!!!

In addition, to make it much more motivating, exciting and efficient, each student does not work with one or two local Spanish teachers, but with four hourly rotating Nicaraguan tutors. This way, student develop their listening abilities as soon as possible by listening to four different tone of voices and four diverse ways of expresing oneself. Classes are totally oral, and you really get to speak Spanish from start to end.


At One-on-One Tutoring, students get a thorough grounding in Spanish grammar and usage, so they can eventually gain proficiency in the language. And our students have the opportunity to learn, not only conventional Latin American Spanish, but everyday dialects spoken in diverse areas of Central America, South America, and the Caribbean, as well as in the many Spanish-speaking immigrant communities throughout the world.

Of all the Spanish schools in Granada Nicaragua, ours is among the smallest, but it is a question of quality over quantity. To enable the students to learn more effectively, we give them discrete hour-long lessons, each devoted to one aspect of instruction: grammar, drills, reading comprehension, and conversation. Read More...

About Us

Established in 1996.

One-on-One Tutoring Spanish School in Granada, Nicaragua, was established on April 15, 1996 by Roger Ramirez Sr. and his son, Roger Ramirez Jr., in the beautiful town of Granada, Nicaragua. We are called "One-on-One" for a reason: the school is a small learning center that offers private one-to-one tutoring sessions with two or four hourly rotating, native Nicaraguan, tutors for every student; from 8am. to 5pm. And we welcome students of all levels and ages.

Just like we said before, of all the Spanish schools in Granada Nicaragua, ours is among the smallest, but it is a question of quality over quantity. To enable the students to learn more effectively, we give them discrete hour-long lessons, each devoted to one aspect of instruction: grammar, drills, reading comprehension, and conversation. Moreover, each session is with a different tutor, so that students can benefit from different styles of instruction. It is possible to take anywhere from two to six hours of class a day, but the typical course load is four hours per day. The scheduling of the lessons is flexible, tailored to preferences of each student.

Whether we see you in person or online, you are welcome at One-on-One Tutoring Language School in Granada, Nicaragua.


One-on-One Tutoring is; Totally Nicaraguan and Ready to Serve You! Click the image above to learn more about us, and

Free Resources

for beginner students on this site

More and more people are coming to Latin America to learn Spanish. Many schools in the region do their best to make learning Spanish easier, but easier doesn't necessarily mean better. With a little extra effort, students can learn Spanish as it is actually spoken throughout the Spanish-speaking world. You won't regret it!


As our materials for studying and practicing Spanish are varied and extensive, this website offers a free sampling of our elementary-level instruction, which will be updated by adding new and more material. This way, you can test and improve your Spanish-language skills-and get an idea of the kind of instruction we provide at our school.

Most Spanish-language schools in Latin America teach a dumbed-down version of the language. For instance, Spanish has several forms of the pronoun "you": familiar or formal, singular or plural. But language schools frequently omit the verb conjugations for the "vosotros" form (plural "you"), since it is not applied throughout Latin America. Furthermore, they often limit the familiar singular "you" to a single translation, which is not an accurate guide to Spanish as it is spoken...anywhere!


If you're a total beginner, you will find here a free flip-book with embedded audio files to help you learn the Spanish basics and to practice Spanish pronunciation.

When you are done with our Unidad Uno flip-book, you can take the Unidad Uno quiz. If you pass, you are ready for Unidad Dos, which is offered at our school.

If you did not pass the test, or think you need more preparation, go to the resource page on this website, where you'll find Spanish games, stories, and sound files. You'll be able to practice what you have learned and learn a bit more. And have fun while doing it! Click on the images to go to resources or, -Find it all here!


Our Spanish School's Services and Prices

Tutoring & Transport

Classes one-to-one in Granada:

20 hours, 4 hrs per day, 5 days a week: $110 USD.
10 hours, 2 hrs per day, 5 days a week: $60 USD.
5 hours, 1 hr per day, 5 days a week: $40 USD.
One day of class, four 55 minutes class: $30 USD.
Volunteers and group cost discount available!

Spanish Classes via Skype:

Three hours of classes per week: $45 USA ($15 USD per hour).
Five hours of classes per week: $65 USD ($13 USD per hour).
Ten hours of classes per week: $110 USD ($11 USD per hour).

Transportation Managua-Granada:

$45 USD before 9 p.m. and $55 USD after 9 p.m. The cost is paid directly to the person offering the service.


Accommodations with a local Nicaraguan family:

Private room for seven whole days, 3 home-cooked meals per day (no meals on Sundays): $130 USD Includes private-room w/ private-bathroom, fan, three home-made meals per day (not on Sundays), and laundry service. The cost of this service is also paid directly to the families by the students.

B&B on the school's premises + 20 hrs. of Spanish classes:

$210 American Dollars a week will include the Spanish lessons to cover twenty hours per week (four hours of instruction daily for five days of the week), all required class materials, Private-room with private-bathroom, fan and cable tv. Home-made or Continental breakfast for seven days, laundry service and Wi-Fi 24/7. Extra-weeks, after the first two weeks, will cost $200 USD per week.

Payment Proposal

Students may pay in person at the office upon arrival in Granada or, via Western Union or Moneygram.

Online students may deduct the transaction fee charged by Western Union or MoneyGram from the total to be sent to us.

Please make money transfer available to:

Name: Roger Antonio Ramirez (Escuela One-on-One Tutoring)
Address: Calle La Calzada, Granada, Nicaragua. Casa #450
Phone @: (5o5) 5749 - 7785


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from former students, about our Spanish school in Granada Nicaragua.

Contact Us


call us at: (505) 5749-7785 or, use our Contact form:

Find us on calle La Calzada. toward the lake and before Guadalupe Church, #450.